An immigrant returns

Today 1

I suppose I should start adding some background information to this story.  I am a return having been in the UK for some 30 years. Now, returning is hard as so much as changed. There is a glut of information available to help people who have left in the last 10 years or so. However, my own feeling is anybody who left before that is part of forgotten generations.

I would say no matter how many websites I read for advice and guidance it wasn’t enough. Most websites tend to be written by people who know the system inside out and know what to do. Where is the decent ‘I haven’t got a clue’ guide. I don’t think it exists!

Talking to people locally has been helpful. Though our first trip to the Ennis government services started off being a bit off putting but ended up with us feeling really looked after.  We were applying for our Personal Public Services (PPS) numbers. Now, the general tell is you don’t need this number to live in Ireland. But in reality you do for nearly everything. I did feel a tad put out when I was asked at the visit how did I know I was Irish. I was born in the UK but Mum and Dad returned to Ireland soon after I was born. All my family are Irish. Was going through primary and secondary school not enough?! Jules on the other hand, born and bred in the U.K.,  was welcomed and treated really warmly.

As it happened I already had my PPS number and had my original paperwork. Aside from that little hiccup everyone else has been really welcoming.19420713_464868853870883_7861967681156452898_n

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