Da Furries

cartoon dogs

When we made the decision to move there was no question about leaving any of our animals behind.


No, 3 dogs (Juno, Hera & Isey) and 6 cats (Poppy, Blob, Garfield, Spudgy, Gem & Jack) would be coming with us. After all, what was the point in enjoying a new life if we couldn’t take the heart and soul of our ‘old’ home with us.

Ok, that decision made. What next?! We had a look on the uk government website  to see what was required. Talk about confusing. Can I just say most of what we had to go through seemed really confusing and difficult. However, once we actually talked to people and got on with it; all was mostly straight forward.

Our vets were brilliant. Nothing was too much trouble. 9 pet passports to be done. 9 rabies shots to be administered.

The dogs came with us in the car. They were absolute stars. Not a peep or cross word at any point in the journey. Though they did not like the dog pens on the ferry or the calming tablets they were given.

The cats. Well, the cats couldn’t come with us. So, we arranged for them to stay in Coopercroft cattery . We then arranged a pet transport service.  It was a logistical nightmare trying to match up dates. It nearly didn’t go to plan but more of that story another time.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll find our journey entertaining and inf19420713_464868853870883_7861967681156452898_normative.



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